About Us

Don't Know Us, Get To Know Us. We Don't Bite!!!

Why choose Us.

Their is nothing we can say that can make you choose us. It's your choice on how you educate yourself and find solutions for your problems.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help people with computers that you can be educated and find solutions for your problems not only for personal computer users but also for commercial enterprise users.

What we Do.

We offer a wide range of products and services. Mostly we are about helping people with computers by educating you and enlightening you for solutions for your computer problems.

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Our History

Dutchy Tech Tips has been around for many years. We first started in May 2004 under the name of: "Pvcomputers" hosted on a free web hosting website: "FreeWebs.com".

In Late 2016 we rebranded from "Pvcomputers" to "Dutchy Tech Tips" as research showed us that "Pvcomputers" didn't get spelt and pronounce correctly. Another reason for rebranding is that our name was wasn't unique as other people used our name with the exact letters in diffrent capitalization and spacing.

Base Of Operations

Dutchy Tech Tips is based in Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand. We are proud to be kiwi owned and operated.

About Patrick

Patrick is the Founder and Owner of Dutchy Tech Tips. He is a New Zealand born of Dutch descent, hence why the name "Dutchy" for the webiste. Just because he is Dutch, unfortunately he only speaks English. He has a Bachelor's Degree in ICT in which he mostly specialized in PHP business application development and databases.

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